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A typical growth on a Leighton-Jones painting created in 1977 sold for $100.00 or £50.00. In 2006 the painting sold for $50,000.00 or £25,000.00.

Because of the range of galleries and dealers selling Leighton-Jonesí artwork it is impossible to give an accurate valuation for a specific piece. In any event, we are artists, not dealers. However, we often get asked to purchase paintings for collectors of art by Leighton-Jones, in this event we ask you to send a good quality digital photo of your painting (and a close-up of the signature) to :

If you want to eventually sell your painting you'll need :
1. high resolution digital photo (300 dpi if possible)
2. taken in daylight.  
3. avoid using flash as this reflects off the varnished surface and please
4. watch for shadows from surrounding objects.
5. photo of the whole picture square on.
This is essential, before any professional assessment can be made. If you are thinking of selling paintings, prints or drawings, photos are always very relevant to a good sale. When an interested collector is unable to view the work first hand, photos can provide valuable information including : Condition, Originality, and Media. 
Once I have the photos I'll let you know how to go ahead and get a Certificate of Authenticity and a valuation. 

Also describe the medium on which it is painted plus if you know where and when it was purchased, and we will do our best to guide you or give some idea of the value of your painting. 

Alternatively, you can send a hard copy photo to : 

Write : Dr Tony Crosse, The Applehouse, Aldon Lane, OFFHAM, ME19 5PH 

Please enclose self-addressed envelope with stamps - U.K. only