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Completed in 2006, this newly released 45 minute movie features dozens of paintings by 'The Master' and reveals the inspirations behind the images. There are live T.V. interviews dating back to the 1980's when he first gained celebrity status in the U.S.A. Special focus is placed on the 'Urchin' series and 'Clowns' for which he is most well known. He talks about his cousin, Lord Leighton and Leighton House where he spent many days as a young boy. The biopic illustrates how World War II, London, family, hobbies and pets influenced his imagery.

Price is $60.00 that includes P & P 

Pay using PayPal using our email address :

Tony Crosse, The Applehouse Studios, Aldon Lane, OFFHAM, ME19 5PH, U.K. 

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The DVD is available in U.S.A. or European format i.e. NTSC or PAL - please specify when ordering